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Author Topic: Beware of this AirBnB in Yokosuka, Kanagawa  (Read 1866 times)
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« on: May 13, 2021, 08:07:41 AM »

The AirBnB accomodation called “Banana House” in Yokosuka, Kanagawa is owned by a Vietnamese guy named Fresca and managed by his assistants, Wain & Yen.

The ad they posted on AirBnB says “Guests can cook their own meals” but their house rules say, “Due to cultural differences, guests aren’t allowed to cook except boiling water or warming food.

I asked permission from Fresca that I may be allowed to do simple cooking and he said yes.

The problem started when his assistants reported to Fresca the owner that I don’t do simple cooking & that I be forbidden to cook and that the food I put in the fridge is too much.

I tried to talk to the 2 assistants, Yen & Wain. When I finally had a chance to talk to one of them, Yen, she started raising her voice and just walked out on me when I wasn’t even done explaining my side.

Then later on I got a message from Fresca saying this:

“I met many Filipino guests.
Many of them are very selfish.
They always ask for discount, the do not consider other people.

They used my personal food, and spicy without asking.

They occupy the kitchen space everytime. They use Aircondition 24 hours without closing door and windows, they turn the temperature to 30 degrees C in winter and 16 degrees C in summer.

They are very selfish.

I feel very bad to host Filipino guests, most of them.

I think you are a nice person, and you try your best to be nice.
I hope you will not act like other Filipino i met.”

I was shocked to read this message. As a host of AirBnb I believe that being open minded and welcoming of cultural differences are important in dealing with your guests who are from diverse cultural backgrounds.

I reported the matter to the management of AirBnb and is now waiting for their action.

In case you happen to read this post, Feesca, Wain & Yen, this is my message for all of you.

Looking back at what happened, now I realized why on the day of my check in, you Wain and Yen were very friendly to me. Both of you were having dinner at that time and when I came you graciously invited me to join in which I did, gladly. In my mind I was like, “wow, this is my first time in a share house I can make new friends and Vietnamese at that! My love for Vietnamese culture & food will go up to a higher level, and so I thought”. To this day, I can only shake my head. You did that kind gesture because when I booked for 2 nights, I also said I’m thinking of staying longer. I was just not sure. And so to make me stay longer, you showed how seemingly hospitable you were.

Not realizing this as a business move/strategy, I extended my stay but after that both of you Wain & Yen were cold and distant to me. Well, you got what you wantedd. Surely, you wouldn’t waste any second of your time being friendly to me. I was fooled by that.

To you Fresca, you may think that many Filipinos are selfish, that’s your opinion but let me tell you this. We are friendly and kind people. When we extend our friendship to someone,it’s real, true and not motivated by any hidden personal gain or  interests. That, I can tell you as much. Given what I’ve experienced, I still love Vietnamese culture and this incident will not in any way influence me into thinking that Vietnamese  are cunning people.It is after all, the land of “harumaki” which I so love.

Finally, my advice to you Fresca is, as a host, you have to be objective. Don’t believe whatever Wain & Yen tell you right away. Always take it with a grain of salt. If someone screams “Fire! fire!” Do you run to the opposite direction right away??? No! You investigate and use your senses. You ask yourself, “do I see smoke? do I see people running ?” When Wain & Yen told you I was doing not simple but big cooking, did you at least give me the benefit of the doubt? Did you investigate? No, you didn’t. Your message to me was,” you cannot use the kitchen from now on.” And how about the eggs,milk, and meat that I got and stored in the fridge? They all went to waste. Do you know how bad that made me feel, being a foodie as I am? Of course you had no clue. And why so? You chose to be biased, to be prejudiced and even went as far as insulting my Filipino culture. 

I really hope AirBnB management take this matter seriously and for you to learn a valuable lesson from this.
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« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2021, 08:27:56 AM »


The reason why I was emotional is because I feel like all 3 of you
are ganging up on me. I have no one to defend me but myself.
And what’s worse is you are not just attacking me but my roots,
my Filipino heritage which I am truly proud of.

Yes, you are right. I can always move out if I don’t feel
comfortable. The point is, I know how to follow rules.
I have been in Japan for a long time, probably longer than
you have so I know how Japanese society works. Strictly
a rule based society. That’s what’s causing me stress & anxiety
right now. I feel wronged and insulted.

Mga kabayan,

Pasensya at napahaba ang post ko.
Nagsusumigaw kasi ang damdamin ko
ngayon. Yung bang pakiramdamam mo
pinagtutungan ka tapos wala kang
kakampi. Tatlo sila eh, isa lang ako.
Hindi naman ako sa FPJ na magpapabugbog
muna tapos magiging Rambo. Walang ganong
eksena eh. Bugbog na ang pakiramdam ko eh
emotionally.  Oh man!! I wish this never happened.
It’s straining every ounce of energy I have left.
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« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2021, 10:48:50 AM »

It pays off to always speak out and assert yourself when you feel
aggrieved & your rights discriminated.

I got word from AirBnB today that says:

“We have reached out to Fresca, informed them of the violation, issued a warning, and advised them that any future violations of our Nondiscrimination Policy could lead to suspension or removal.

We’re sorry about the experience you’ve had recently within the Airbnb community and very much appreciate you raising this issue with our team.

We take these reports seriously and are committed to fighting discrimination and ensuring that the Airbnb community is open and accessible to everyone. We will not tolerate any form of bias or prejudice and reports like these help us in creating a world where everyone can belong.”

Salamat at nagkaron ng hustisya ang insidenteng ito.
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