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COE Application for Student Visa Studying in any School in Japan

Feb. 18, 2015 (Wed), 195 views

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Para sa mga nagbabalak na mag-aral here in Japan, you need to secure first your COE para sa inyong Student Visa Application sa Japanese Embassy sa Pinas. Studying here in Japan will be not easy, the reason is first, it will cost you a lot. Tuition fee here is expensive kung compare mo sa Pinas. Then second barrier is the language itself. Kung hindi ka marunong mag Japanese kahit basic lamang, baka di ka accept ng mga school na gusto mong pasukan.

If you successfully find a school na accepted ka nila to be their student, then these are the thing you should do for your COE application. Ito ang mga information na dapat ninyong malaman at mga documents na dapat ninyong ihanda.

1. COE Application Form
Known in Japanese as 在留資格認定証明書交付申請書 (ZAIRYUU SHIKAKU NINTEI SYOUMEISYO KOUFU SHINSEISYO). You can get this document sa immigration office or you can download it from immigration homepage. You should fill-up this form and write all necessary information.

2. Pictures (1 Piece)
A picture of the applicant is needed na ilagay sa COE application form. So kailangan ang pictures ninyo. Ang size is (4CM[Vertical] x 3CM[Horizontal]), 1 copy only pero mas better na send kayo ng 2 piraso to be sure. Write your name at the back of the picture, then idikit ito sa COE application form. Ang picture dapat ay walang suot na sumbrero, walang background at clear ang pagkakuha. Ito ay kinuha dapat within a 3 months period.

3. Return Envelope (1 Piece)
Sobre na gagamitin ng immigration para ipadala sa inyo ang result ng COE application. Dapat na nakasulat na dito ang address ninyo na meron kasamang 392 YEN Stamp (切手, KITTE) na nakadikit na.

4. School Documents
This is the most important documents that will certify your enrollment and acceptance on the shcool you will be studying here in Japan. Ang documents na ito ay magkakaiba depende sa school na papasukan ninyo. So bago kayo mag-apply ng COE, kailangan nyo munang maghanap ng school na papasukan nyo here in Japan na kaya nyong maipasa base sa enrollment procedure nila.

Sa mga gustong mag-aral here in High School, College or Universities, most of them required a basic knowledge in Japanese language.

1. Ang lahat ng mga documents na hindi nakasulat sa Japanese language ay dapat na ipa-translate into Japanese. Kasama ng original document, you should attached the translated Japanese version of it sa likod nito.

2. As a rule, all documents na pinasa ninyo sa immigration for your COE application ay hindi na ibabalik. Kung meron kayong document na ipapasa at need nyo pa ito at meron kahirapan na makakuha ulit ng original copy, sabihin nyo ito agad sa immigration personnel at the time ng pagpasa ninyo ng mga documents.

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