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STEP 4: Report of Marriage Application (Method 2: In City Hall of Japan)

Jun. 02, 2015 (Tue), 392 views

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After your wedding was successfully done, now is the time to do the final step if you want to get your married with the Japanese national be register and confirm by the Japanese government and that is by applying or submitting your Report of Marriage. In reporting your marriage in Japanese side, there are two ways to do so. If you want to submit your Report of Marriage in Japan kung saang city hall nakatira ang iyong Japanese partner, then this is what you should do.

Japanese nationals are legally obligated to submit a report of marriage to the city hall of their place ofresidence in Japan, WITHIN 3 MONTHS of entering into a contract of marriage with a Philippine national. If the report of marriage is to be submitted directly to the city hall in Japan, please contact the city hall directly regarding the submission requirements and procedures. Make sure that your partner in Japan is very cooperative dahil sya lang ang pwedeng mag-submit nito.

In general, the necessary documents for the approval of your Report of Marriage sa city hall in Japan is the following. Make sure na maihanda nyo ito lahat with its translated version at maipadala nyo sa inyong asawa in Japan. Maaaring meron pang mga additional documents so its necessary na yong Japanese partner nyo mismo ang magtanong sa city hall.

1. Kon-in Todoke (Application Form)
This application form can be get in the city hall mismo kung saan sya mag-apply.

2. Koseki Touhon (Family Register)
This is a document of the Family Register of your Japanese partner. Makukuha rin nya sa city hall kung saan sya naka register. If your marriage will be approved, your name will be written here as a proof that you are his/her partner.

Send mo rin ang copy ng LCCM na nakuha ninyo sa Japanese Embassy in the Philippines together with its Japanese translation.

If the application was successfully approved by the city mayor, your Japanese partner can get a copy of KON-IN JURI SYOUMEISYO (Marriage Approval Certificate). Together with the Koseki Touhon kung saan nakasulat na ang name ninyo bilang wife/husband ng Japanese, you will use this document para sa application ninyo ng Japanese Spouse Visa kung gusto ninyong pumunta ng Japan upang manirahan dito kasama ng inyong asawa.

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