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What is this Community?

This online community is originally started as Online Filipino Community in Japan which cater legal advises given by other very cooperative members, moderators and administrator of this site. It is also transmitting useful information about life in Japan in general since then, and also giving assistance in Japanese translation and legal documents.

Why we build this Community?

Living abroad alone, with no enough information about its culture, custom and laws, plus a barrier in language which will cripple your communication is a very hard thing to do and everyone who is living abroad knew this for sure, and living in Japan is not an exemption at all. To ease this problem of many Filipinos in Japan, we created this online community to assist them, to give them the information they want, and the advise they needed anytime.

When we started this Community?

This community was became available online since February 2007, and since then, its continually transmitting and offering its services to the Filipinos inside and outside Japan until this very moment of time. We are about to reach soon the first decade of our service, and hopefully more years will come, that our services will still available online.