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Japina pickup girl, dumarami sa Matsudo at Kashiwa City Chiba

Jun. 29, 2015 (Mon), 5,545 views

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This is an article that I found in Biglobe News and I will try to translate the whole contents here. I put also the link of the original article for your reference. Here is the translation.

HAYARIGO (Japanese word or expression that become famous in a certain year), I tried to search about it and find out that many of those words became part of the past and mostly not use anymore nowadays. Its became famous but when you heard about the HAYARIGO for last year 2014, which is DAMEYO.. DAME.. DAME, you can't even see someone who is using it now. That is mostly what HAYARIGO is, and speaking of this HAYARIGO, there is some word that came in my mind which became famous also back in 1983 and that is the word JAPAYUKI.

JAPAYUKI-SAN, to explain this word shortly, it means a foreigner woman who came in Japan to work. In 1983, when you say this word, you are describing about Filipino woman.

The origin of this JAPAYUKI word is actually came at the time of war. During this period, Japanese woman who are poor at that time go to other country mostly in South East Asia which are economically stable to work so that they can send money back home. Most of them work as a prostitute during that time and they were called as KARA-YUKI. And the reverse of that, which is those who came here in Japan to earn money and send it back home are called JAPA-YUKI.

Now, in the year 1983, woman that came from Philippines at that time mostly work in the bar or nightclub. Dress gorgeously to allure Japanese men and spend their time inside the club together. This is mostly what you heard of about them, but the truth is many of those women work in a very cheap labor, live together in some place or TAKOBEYA as what they called in Japanese. Many of them not paid by their employer enough, some of them force to work as prostitute.

At that time, Japanese employer use mostly the TAKOBEYA located in Chiba Matsudo and Kashiwa City which is also called Tokyo Bed town because of cheap rental fee. These are the places where Filipino woman was forced to work in exchange for free housing.

However, some of them got married with a Japanese man at that time and live with them, but many of them also got divorced. Some of them was deported because they have no more visa after that, but those who have a child and get the child custody, immigration gave them a long term visa for the sake of their child who will be their responsibility.

Those Filipino woman that got a visa has a reason at that time to stay longer in Japan but it does not mean that their life will be easy. Most of them live in a very poor condition and environment just to survive in daily life and its a reality. Those children that was born between Japanese and Filipino woman is called JAPINA.

And then, now there are lots of humor and story that these JAPINA are doing something behind the scene at Matsudo and Kashiwa City area. You can see them sometimes at the street talking to some male negotiating for ENJOUKOUSAI (Dating with compensation, financial support). Some of them get money for a quick play and a hand job. There are also humor that some of their customer fall to sleep maybe of some medicine they put. And these situation are getting bad and some people around are getting alarm.

Why they are doing this? Is it because they have some feeling of hatred and grudge to the Japanese man who brought suffering to their mother? Is it kind or revenge act over generation? Maybe it is, but there are also some people living in the area who are saying this...

"For sure, that kind of activity is bad and its a big problem to the society. But, they are half, some of them cannot get an employment even for a part time job. Even they are graduated and have a college degree, many of them cant find a descent job. Companies will not say it in front, but there are some discrimination and historical background behind it".

Of course nobody of them wanted to do such prostitution act or even robbery. But, who is the one that are truly a victim of this so called a society? That is a question that still left and linger in my mind and the answer is yet not find.

Source: Biglobe News

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