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These are the latest information now registered here in Malago Portal section. Click the link on the navigation bar for more information on each genre.

Requirements sa pag-submit ng Report of Death sa City Hall
Documents need to process when a foreigner died in Japan
Have problem in your work & employer here in Japan, saan pwede lumapit?
Working Agreement: Overtime, holiday, midnight work extra charge
Mag-ingat sa kumakalat na Recognition of Foreign Divorce Scam
Working Agreement: Resignation and Retirement
Application of Financial Assistance for Elementary & Junior High School
Sino-sino ang mga hindi pwedeng mag-apply ng Specilized Skill Visa dito sa Japan?
Working Agreement: Company Benefits & Allowance
Working Agreement: Syakai Hoken (Social Insurance)
Working Agreement: Maternity Leave & Childcare Leave
Working Agreement: Transportation Allowance
Mga pagbabago sa Labor Law here in Japan, starting April 1
Working Agreement: Bonus and Promotion
Type 1 Visa application procedure, inilabas na ng Immigration
General info about Residence Card (RC) in Japan
Ano ang dapat gawin kapag nawala ang Residence Card (RC) sa Pinas?
Requirements of Re-application of Loss Residence Card (RC)
Working Agreement: Salary Pay-day, Cut-Off, Method of Payment
Working Agreement: Monthly Salary Vs. Annual Salary