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What is Residence Status and Period of Stay?

Feb. 09, 2015 (Mon), 164 views

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If you knew already what is VISA, kailangan mo naman malaman kung ano ang RESIDENT STATUS na binibigay ng Japan Immigration sa mga foreigner na pumapasok sa Japan at pati na rin ang kaukulang PERIOD OF STAY na dapat lang nilang ipamalagi sa Japan.

Lahat ng mga pumapasok na foreigner here in Japan are classified base on their Resident Status. Resident Status shows or identify what kind of activity you will be doing in Japan. From being a tourist, working, Japanese spouse, diplomatic, etc. these are classified by Ministry of Justice. Sa ngayon meron more than 30 types of Resident Status defined by the Immigration of Japan.

Now, for the PERIOD OF STAY, this identify the length of period na pwede ka lang mag-stay here in Japan. Within this period, you are identified as legally staying here and can do your activity base on your Resident Status. Beyond this or lumagpas na at nandito ka pa rin sa Japan, di ka lumabas or nag-apply ng extension, you will be already identified as OVERSTAYER. Kahit one day lang ang nilagpas mo, you are already identified as OVERSTAYER kaya mag-ingat at laging tandaan kung until kelan lang ang validity ng stay mo.

For the PERIOD OF STAY na binibigay ng immigration, ito ay naka depende sa type ng Resident Status mo pagpasok here in Japan. They give 1 week, 15 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and 5 years. Five (5) years is the longest one and the shortest is one (1) week which is mostly for tourist visa.

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