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Important reminders in applying for WEG

Mar. 03, 2015 (Tue), 75 views

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Meron mahahalagang reminders ang Philippine Consulate sa pag-apply nyo ng WEG upang hindi kayo malito dahil ang processing nito ay hindi isinasagawa sa iisang lugar lamang.

Ito ang mga important reminders na dapat ninyong tandaan ayon sa Philippine Consulate office:

1. Issuance of the WEG Order is subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Immigration and all those who will be granted the WEG shall pay the corresponding fee upon arrival at the port of entry in the Philippines.

2. The payment collected from the public at the Philippine Embassy/Consulate is for the legalization of the affidavit executed by the parent(s)/legal guardian. It is not the WEG fee.

3. The payment of the WEG fee and the issuance of the WEG Order are both done at the port of entry in the Philippines.

4. Parents who cannot appear in person at the embassy for the legalization of their affidavit of support and guarantee with consent can submit or send the documents to the Notarials and Authentication Unit of the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, Japan by mail, AFTER having the affidavit notarized before a Japanese notary public, and securing a Gaimusho seal, similar to the procedures for authentication as described in the corresponding subsection on Consular Services appearing in this website.

5. The parents may either send the documents to the Philippine Embassy (Attention: Notarial and Authentication Unit) and include a return envelope (with registered mail stamp, name, address, and telephone number), or appoint a representative to transact with the Embassy and submit all the documents to the appropriate processing window. The representative will be required to present a valid identification card and a letter of authorization signed by the parent(s). Payment for applications sent by mail can be sent via genkin kakitome.

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