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What are the step by step procedure in applying for COE?

Feb. 12, 2015 (Thu), 355 views

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If you are planning to apply for a long term visa to come here in Japan, then you need to apply first for COE dahil isa ito sa mga main requirements. And in order for you to have it, you should know the step by step na dapat nyong gawin.

STEP 1: Apply for your Passport first
If you are planning to travel outside Japan, make sure that you have your own passport first. This is the most important document you have to secure first dahil hindi ka makakapag-travel ng walang passport. You can travel to other country without visa using your passport only, but you cannot travel using your visa only without a passport.

STEP 2: Alamin munang mabuti kung anong purpose ng pagpunta nyo sa Japan
If you want to go to Japan in long term basis, you must know first what is your purpose in going. Is it for work, is it for study, or you want to live with your family there, you want to live with your husband/wife presently living in Japan now, and etc. Maraming maaaring maging reason kung bakit mo gustong pumunta in Japan. The reason that you need to decide this first is because, the documents that you need to prepare will depend sa reason, purpose or activity na gagawin mo here in Japan. So you need na maging clear muna sa purpose ninyo.

STEP 3: Have your guarantor in Japan ready to support you
After you decided what your plan in going here in Japan, now is the time to have your guarantor in Japan side. This is important dahil maraming mga documents na dapat ihanda ng guarantor ninyo sa Japan and it will be difficult to apply for COE kung walang cooperation from them. If you will be working here, the company will be the one to support you. If to study, then the school where you will be enrolling in Japan is the one who will support. If you will be living with your husband/wife, then your partner will be the one to support you. Kailangan na makausap ninyong mabuti ang tatayong guarantor ninyo sa Japan kung willing ba silang magbigay ng mga important documents needed for your COE application.

STEP 4: Checking what documents are needed to prepare
Kung meron na kayong guarantor willing to support you to come here in Japan, now is the time to check kung ano-anong mga documents ang dapat ninyong prepare para sa COE application ninyo base on your purpose in going to Japan. Pwedeng magtanong ang inyong guarantor directly sa Japan immigration office para maging malinaw sa kanila kung ano anong mga documents ang dapat na ihanda.

STEP 5: Preparing the needed documents for COE application
Mostly ang mga documents na kailangan ay from the applicant na nasa Pinas, at mga document na manggagaling mismo sa inyong guarantor in Japan. Tanungin ninyo ang inyong guarantor kung ano anong mga documents ang dapat ninyong ihanda at ipadala sa kanila upang maging malinaw sa inyo. Make sure na maging maayos muna ang lahat, walang pagkakamali bago ninyo ito ipadala sa inyong guarantor sa Japan na syang mag-aapply ng inyong COE.

STEP 6: Applying for COE in Immigration
If all the needed documents ay nasa guarantor na ninyo, they can apply now for COE. Processing of it will be 1 to 3 months ayon sa nakasulat sa immigration website. You can apply for it on any immigration regional branch na malapit sa lugar ng inyong guarantor dito sa Japan. Processing fee is free of charge, so walang babayaran ang inyong guarantor kung ano man ang maging result ng inyong COE application.

STEP 7: Waiting for the result of COE application
After successfully passing your COE application, the only thing you can do now is wait. During the evaluation of your COE application, meron mga cases na tumatawag ang immigration personnel sa inyong guarantor asking for some questions, and sometimes, they are also asking for additional documents. Other than sa mga required documents, meron pang mga supporting documents na hinihingi sila, so be prepare about it. Kung sa Japan side lang kukunin yong document ay madali lang, pero kapag sa Pinas, it will take longer kaya mapapatagal din ang application ninyo. If the immigration are asking for a certain documents, make sure na maibigay ninyo ito agad.

STEP 8: Sending the COE document in Philippines
After the evaluation of your COE application ng immigration at approved ang naging result nito, the immigration will send a notice about it sa guarantor ninyo para makuha ang COE document sa office nila. Kunin nyo ito on the date and place na sinabi nila, then make your guarantor send it to you sa Pinas para sa visa application ninyo.

When the COE document is already on your hand, now is the time that you can apply for your visa. Use this COE document to apply for it para mapabalis ang processing ng visa application ninyo. Ingatan ninyong hindi mawala ang document na ito dahil iisa lamang ang copy nito. Kapag nagkaroon ng problem dito, you need to re-apply for it again.

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