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STEP 2: How to apply for Marriage License (ML) in the Philippines?

May. 11, 2015 (Mon), 289 views

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Kung natapos na ang LCCM application ninyo sa Japanese Embassy in the Philippines, now is the time to do STEP 2 and that is applying for Marriage License. Para walang maging problem sa pagkakasunod-sunod ng date of events sa pagpapakasal ninyo, hwag kayong kukuha ng Marriage License na wala pa sa kamay ninyo ang LCCM. May mga local registrar na nagbibigay ng ML at di na kayo hahanapan pa ng LCCM so mag-iingat po kayo dito at mas better ng gawin nyo ng step by step.

After receiving the LEGAL CAPACITY TO CONTRACT MARRIAGE, both parties must proceed to the city hall of the Philippine nationals place of residence and apply for the MARRIAGE LICENSE. Please refer all questions regarding the procedures and requirements necessary to apply for your marriage license directly to the local civil registrar.

In general as what said by PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) ang mga kailangang documents for ML application ay ang mga sumusunod, subalit baka meron pang mga additional dito base sa inyong local civil registrar so don kayo dapat magtanong directly.

1. Birth Certificate
Original birth certificate or baptismal certificates of the contracting parties or copies of such documents duly attested by the persons having custody of the original.

When either or both of the contracting parties are citizens of a foreign country, it shall be necessary for them before a marriage license could be obtained, to submit a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage, issued by their respective diplomatic or consular officials.

Upon submission of requirements for the MARRIAGE LICENSE, details regarding the application will be posted for 10 consecutive days inside the city hall. The MARRIAGE LICENSE will be released after this 10 day period of publication. Once issued, the MARRIAGE LICENSE is valid in any part of the Philippines for 120 days.

It shall be the duty of the contracting parties to accomplish four (4) copies of the Application for Marriage License for registration. After the registration, the civil registrar shall distribute copies of the document bearing the civil registry number as follows: first copy to the registrant; second copy to the Office of the Civil Registrar-General; third copy shall be retained for his file; and fourth copy to the solemnizing office

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