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STEP 3: Marriage Ceremony and Marriage Registration in the Philippines.

May. 11, 2015 (Mon), 277 views

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After you get your Marriage License (ML) mula sa inyong local civil registrar, make sure na gamitin agad ito or kailangang magpakasal agad kayo dahil ang ML ay meron ding expiration date. Within 120 days, kinakailangang na magpakasal kayo otherwise, magiging invalid na ito.

Pwede kayong magpakasal in any place in the Philippines you want, pero mas advisable na ang kasal ninyo ay dapat gawin sa lugar na sakop din kung saan kayo kumuha ng ML para hindi kayo mahirapan pang maipa-register ang inyong marriage sa local civil registrar.

The MARRIAGE CEREMONY must be solemnized by an individual with proper legal authority to do so. After this ceremony, the presiding official, the husband, wife and witnesses must sign the MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE.

The signed MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE shall be forwarded by the presiding official to the city hall and registered at the local civil registry where the marriage was solemnized. Please make sure to get CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES of the registered MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE as these will be needed to report the marriage to Japanese authorities.

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