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Do I need visa para makapasok sa Japan?

Feb. 10, 2015 (Tue), 124 views

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Ayon sa Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, makakapa-travel ang isang Pinoy sa almost 25 countries na walang visa and most of this countries ay nasa South East Asia pero meron ding mga nasa Latin America.

In Japan, until year 2014, a visa is required para sa lahat ng mga Pinoy na papasok dito sa Japan and its also the same para sa mga nagpa-planong mag stay sa Japan in a LONG TERM basis.

But before the end of year 2014, the Japanese government made some changes on it, and made possible to travel in Japan without no visa in a certain condition. The changes is, if you want to travel in Japan as a tourist lang, visa is not needed now as long that you will apply for your tour package in accredited travel agency by Japanese Embassy sa Pinas.

So be aware that for a common tour that you will do on your own, or you want to go here to visit your friends or family, a visa are still required for you to apply. If you want to go here to travel and tour only without no visa application processing, you can do it kung dadaan kayo sa mga accredited travel agency sa Pinas. Apply there for your travel in Japan and they will provide you enough information on how you can go here in Japan.

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