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How much is the travel tax for balikbayan or mga dating Pinoy?

Feb. 20, 2015 (Fri), 68 views

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Para sa mga naging banyaga, mga nakakuha ng citizenship ng ibang bansa at hindi na mga Filipino citizenship, do you need to pay the travel tax or exempted rin ba kayo? There are some conditions para maging exempted kayo, and if you will not attain this condition, you neeed to pay the travel tax.

Ayon sa batas na nakasulat in RA 6768, balikbayans whose stay in the Philippines is less than one (1) year are all exempted to pay the travel tax. So make sure na ang stay nyo ay hindi lalagpas ng one (1) year. Otherwise you need to pay the whole amount.

Para ma-exempt kayo, you need to submit some documents, and these are ID pages of passport and stamp of last departure from and arrival in the Philippines (duration of which is at least one year), and Ticket used in traveling to the Philippines.

Para naman sa mga family members ng mga kababayan na maaari nyong kasamang mag-travel, they are also exempted for travel tax payment, and they need to submit the documents like Foreign passport of former Filipino or other evidence of former Philippine Citizenship, and Birth certificate or adoption papers of children and/or marriage contract of accompanying spouse.

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