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How long should I wait before applying visa again?

Feb. 09, 2015 (Mon), 233 views

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When your visa application is deny, dont worry about it. You still have a chance to apply again, that is the rights of everyone. Also if you visit Japan then go home and want to go back again, you can still apply for a visa if you want, the only thing that matters is kung kelan ang best timing na pwede ulit mong gawin ang visa application.

Usually, the Japanese Embassy is advising everyone na gawin ang re-application after 6 months lalo na para don sa mga na-deny ang result. So for example, deny ang first application mo at gusto mong mag-apply ulit, wait for 6 months at saka mo submit ulit ang application ninyo. This period of 6 months is their standard period kung saan nababago ang mga documents. Sa Japan, ang validity ng mga documents ay 3 months only, pero sa Pinas ang validity ng mga documents ay 6 months. This mean na for example meron kayong hawak na Marriage Certificate, pero lagpas na ang 6 months after na makuha nyo ito sa NSO, it is considered invalid na. So you need to get a new one, and when a certain changes or modification is done on your document, lalabas ito after a period of 6 months or more. So maaaring mabago na ang Marriage Certificate na hawak ninyo.

Earlier than 6 months at nag-apply kayo, malaki ang possibility na ma-deny ulit kayo dahil baka hindi na nila check or confirm ang application at deny na agad ang ibigay nila dahil wala pang 6 months ang nakakalipas. Kung nag-apply kayo dahil napansin nyong meron kulang lang sa document submitted before, mas better na wag ninyong gawin. Dahil kung ito lang din ang reason kung bakit na-deny kayo, the Japanese Embassy will ask you for that or any supporting document before they will deny your application on your first try.

Para naman sa mga gustong mag-apply ulit ng family visit visa pagkauwi nila galing dito sa Japan, after 6 months is also the recommendation of Japanese Embassy at maging ng Japan Immigration. Lalo na para don sa mga nag-apply ng extension here in Japan at nabigyan ng another 3 months visa.

These are their recommendation only, dahil meron din nabibigyan ng visa agad kahit wala pang 6 months ang nakalipas at the time na nag-apply ulit sila. All have different reasons and situation, so its a case by case basis. If you want to try to re-apply, its your choice and its your rights to do so.

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