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Can you re-apply again for COE if it was deny before?

Feb. 10, 2015 (Tue), 197 views

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The answer to this question is YES, but the problem is kelan ang best timing para mag-apply ulit kapag ang COE application mo before ay na-deny ng immigration.

If you want to re-apply again for your COE after it was deny before, the period you should wait is 6 months according to Japan immigration. Tulad din ng visa, 6 months is the standard period para mabago ang records ninyo kung sakaling meron mga nabago dito.

Four (4) months after your COE application was denied, gather again the necessary documents para sa susunod na COE application ninyo. After that at nakompleto na ninyo ang mga documents, its time for you to submit it for your COE application the second time around.

This time make sure that all your documents is enough, correct at walang magiging problem or butas na makikita ang immigration na maaaring maging dahilan para ma-deny ulit ang inyong COE application.

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