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Requirements in inviting your Child in Japan

Apr. 09, 2015 (Thu), 750 views

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If you want to invite your kids in Japan ng walang COE na kailangan for a short visit lang, then these are the requirements na dapat nyong prepare for the visa application. Documents needed to prepare in Philippine side and in Japan should be gather first bago kayo pumunta ng mga accredited agency to apply for visa.

Below are the list of documents na dapat ihanda ng applicant na nasa Pinas para sa visa application nito.

1 Philippine Passport
Broken lamination of the photo part is not accepted. Must have at least two (2) blank pages. Make sure na meron pang validity period na more than 6 months ang passport ninyo bago kayo mag-apply ng visa.

2 Visa Application Form
Available at the Embassy website, at the entrance of Embassy or through accredited agency.

3 Photo
Applicants photo is needed. The size is 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background. Photo must be pasted on the application form.

4 Birth Certificate (BC)
Two birth certificate is needed here para makita ang relationship ng applicant at ng nag-invite sa Japan. Ang BC ng anak at ang BC ng parent (mother or father) na syang nag-iinvite sa Japan. It must be from NSO issued within 1 year. In case of non-record, you must submit certificate of non-record together with the BC from Local Civil Registrar.

5 Marriage Contract (if the applicant is married)
Confirm this to Japanese Embassy or accredited agency if necessary kung ang anak ninyo ay hindi na minor age. Kung minor age pa ang anak ninyo, I guess hindi na po kailangan ang document na ito.

Ang mga documents naman sa baba ang dapat ihanda ng mga taong nag-iinvite sa Japan na tumatayong mga guarantor din at the same time.

1 Invitation Letter
An invitation letter from Japan who is inviting the applicant. Must have a handwritten signature on it. Nakasulat dapat dito kung ano yong purpose or reason sa pag-invite ninyo ng tao papunta ng Japan.

2 Family Registation (Koseki Tohon)
If the guarantor is Japanese, this documents is necessary to submit. You can get this at the city hall where you are living.

3 Residence Certificate (Juminhyou)
You can get this at the city hall where you are living in Japan. Must be taken within 3 months. Japanese man or Pinoy ang nagi-invite, you should get this document.

Kung ang expenses sa pag-travel ay sagot ng taong pupunta ng Japan, kinakilangan nyang ipasa ang mga documents na sumusunod:

1 Bank Certificate
You can get this one to the bank where you have a savings account.

2 Income Tax Return
Form 2316, original and photocopy of it.

Kung part naman ng expenses of travel ay sasagutin ng guarantor or ng nag-invite sa Japan, kinakilangan din na submit ang mga documents na sumusunod:

1 Guarantee Letter
Download this form on the Embassy website and fill-up all necessary information.

2 Income Certificate (SHOTOKU SHOMEISHO) from City Hall, Tax return certificate (NOUZEISHOMEISHO) from Tax office, KAKUTEISHINKOKUSHO HIKAE or Bank Certificate(YOKIN ZANDAKA SHOMEISHO)

NOTE: It is applicants responsibility to ensure that he/she meet the requirements for the grant of a visa. Submission of any supporting documents not listed above is encouraged (e.g. applicants economic or social ties with the Philippines, urgent reasons for visit: medical certificate, wedding invitation, etc.). Submission of requirements does not guarantee issuance of visa.

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