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What is the definition of VISA in Japan Immigration?

Feb. 09, 2015 (Mon), 153 views

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Bago ka mag-apply ng VISA papasok dito sa Japan, you should know first what is VISA as defined by the Japan immigration and its purpose kung bakit kinakailangan mo itong kunin.

Ayon sa Japan Immigration, visa is issued by any diplomatic establishments abroad, or overseas agencies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. So sa Pinas, it will be the Japanese Embassy Office has the only power and responsibility to issue this document.

VISA has two main purpose. One is to CHECK and CONFIRM that your PASSPORT to be use is valid. It has enough information and validity period pagpasok mo here in Japan. Then the other purpose of VISA is its act as a RECOMMENDATION letter na ang pagpasok mo in Japan base on your objective and purpose ay walang magiging problem, you will not bring any threat to Japanese community, and your enter in Japan is in legal way.

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