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Renewal application for wrong info in the passport

Mar. 05, 2015 (Thu), 60 views

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Kung ang passport ninyo naman ay meron maling information like maling spelling ng name or maling dates, ito ang dapat ninyong gawin upang makapag-apply ng panibagong passport. According sa Philippine Consulate office, meron clearing period na 15 working days. It means na after mong makapagpasa ng application nito, kailangan ninyong bumalik sa Philippine Consulate office after 15 workingg days for interview and evaluation.

Para sa mga kinakailangang documents na dapat ninyong ihanda at mga bagay na dapat gawin, ito ang list. Make sure na maihanda nyo ang lahat ng ito bago kayo pumunta sa office nila for application.

1. Personal appearance.

2. Confirmed appointment.

3. Duly accomplished passport application form.

4. NSO Birth Certificate or Report of Birth.

5. Submit same documents required for first time passport applicants.

6. One (1) acceptable ID and three (3) supporting documents (original and photocopy)

Kung meron maling information or discrepancy sa passport ninyo, kinakailangan ninyong submit ang mga documents listed below:

1. Declaration of the true and valid name and proof of identity.

2. Admission and explanation for their use of false names.

3. Reason for requesting issuance of a passport in their real names.

4. Undertaking to comply with all laws, procedures, rules and regulations, and assumption of all liabilities under R.A. 8239 or the Philippine Passport Act of 1996.

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