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What is Certificate Of Eligibility (COE)?

Feb. 09, 2015 (Mon), 280 views

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Kung ang apply nyong visa sa Japanese Embassy sa Pinas ay LONG TERM VISA like working visa, student visa, Japanese spouse visa, etc., then you need to have this COE dahil isa ito sa mga requirements nila sa pag-apply nyo ng visa.

As define in Immigration Act of Japan, for those foreigners who are planning to stay in Japan in a long term basis, kailangan munang kumuha ng COE para ma-confirm beforehand ng Ministry of Justice if your plan in staying here in Japan with respect to your purpose or activity is eligible or not. After investigation and checking of your COE application, the Ministry of Justice will issue you a COE that will be a proof that your application is eligible. On the other hand, if they find out that it is not, then they will deny your COE application. Which mean you cannot apply for a particular visa back in Japanese Embassy in the Philippines.

This COE is a system created by Ministry of Justice of Japan na ang purpose ay para maging simple, smooth and efficient ang pag-check sa mga papasok na foreigner in Japan.

If you have a COE at the time of your visa application in Japanese Embassy, your visa application processing period ay mapapadali dahil ang necessary checking in Japan side ay nagawa na ng Ministry of Justice upon giving you the COE. Your COE document will act as a proof of this checking. Also, if you have COE at the time na dadaan sa airport immigration, the checking that immigration personnel will do to give you landing permit ay mapapadali rin dahil meron ka ng hawak na proof of your eligibility to stay in Japan.

Be aware that this COE is for LONG TERM VISA only. For tourist visa, family/friend visit visa which is a SHORT TERM VISA, you dont need COE to apply for this.

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