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FAQ About Visa

The most basic information about visa application in Japan that you should know. These are also the Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) here in Malago.

Paano mapapabilis ang inyong processing sa immigration?
What is the definition of VISA in Japan Immigration?
Do I need visa para makapasok sa Japan?
Important Reminders in Applying Visa
Saan pwedeng mag-apply ng Visa papuntang Japan ngayon?
How Long ang Processing ng Visa Application?
How much is the Processing Fee ng Visa Application?
What are the Standards in Approving Visa Application?
Validity ng Visa na Binigay ng Japanese Embassy sa Pinas
What is the difference of Short Term & Long Term Visa (Resident Status)?
What is Residence Status and Period of Stay?
About Your Visa and Landing Permit sa Pagpasok sa Japan
When visa application is deny, sinasabi ba ng Japanese Embassy ang reason?
How long should I wait before applying visa again?