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Numbers and Figures

Important numbers and figures you needed to remember in processing legal matters, visa, documents and other related info.

6 MONTHS validity of passport remaining, needed to travel outside Philippines
6 MONTHS, needed waiting time para sa re-application ng visa application denied
18 YEARS OLD younger, need a Travel Clearance to travel alone
18 YEARS OLD below is considered MINORS in the Philippines
3 MONTHS, maximum period of visa application processing in Immigration
10 YEARS, needed to apply Permanent Visa (PV) for Working Visa holders
5 YEARS, pinakamahabang visa period na binibigay ng Japan Immigration
3 MONTHS, validity period ng documents na pinapasa sa Immigration
30 DAYS, no visa entry para sa mga Japanese sa Pinas
1 YEAR PERIOD, visa-free entry in BALIKBAYAN PROGRAM pabalik ng Pinas
30 DAYS, limit to register your new born baby in Immigration
14 DAYS, limit to register a new born baby in City Hall here in Japan
30 DAYS, limit sa pag-submit ng REPORT OF BIRTH sa Philippine Embassy
3 MONTHS, validity period ng Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
3 MONTHS, limit period ng Japanese kids registration born in the Philippines
3 MONTHS, limit period sa pag-register ng Marriage between Pinoy & Japanese sa Pinas
1 WEEK, limit period ng pagpasok ng record sa Kosekitohon sa Japan
383 Pinoy, nahuli ng mga Pulis at Immigration for first half of year 2017
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